The league’s newest owner, Chigozie Obonna (aka “the new Nigerian”), is a Nigerian entrepreneur, determined to build one of RFB’s greatest franchises.

After successfully acquiring the Archons franchise via auction, the new owner has finally confirmed the new name/rebrand for the franchise. Archons is officially no more….RFB’s newest team will officially be known as the “Phantoms”. Additionally, Chigo has confirmed the new color scheme for the franchise: midnight blue, electric blue, and white.

Phantom Official Definition (Oxford Languages)

“Ghosts are dangerous…they move swiftly and possess supernatural abilities. The lore has it that ghosts appear where there is unfinished business; they are restless souls that will haunt you time and time again, and wont quit until they have found peace. Peace for phantoms is a championship title, and our players will be held to this standard…welcome to the dark side”

(Chigozie Obonna, Phantoms Franchise Owner)

With Coronamania derailing RFB’s plans for this year, the next season of Reflex Football Battlegrounds still remains (ironically) unannounced. The commissioner is rumored to have been (silently) making moves for the league during this epidemic but hasn’t provided an official statement on the matter, as of writing this article. Some even say he’s too busy with his hipity hopity rap career and has neglected his commissioner responsibilities, but I digress. There are rumored talks of a return of the RFB miniseason this summer or fall, but no official confirmation yet…we will wait to receive the official word on RFB’s next moves, and provide you the details as soon as possible…stay tuned.