Pro X

RFB Pro X is Reflex Football’s 10th official season that will feature the top 112 flag football athletes in the Metro-Atlanta area, distributed amongst eight RFB Pro teams, to compete in a unique, competitive, and exciting summer-long season of 7-on-7 contact-flag football.

Season Start Date: June 2, 2019

Championship Date: August 18, 2019

Season Location: North Cobb High School (Kennesaw, GA)

Teams: 8

Roster Size: 14 Players

Pro X Features

the Gameday Experience


Unlike anything you’ve witnessed in flag football, RFB Pro captures the excitement, thrill, and theatrics we all love to see and experience in a game of football. Games throughout the season will feature live DJs, live commentary, halftime performances, halftime games, sideline reporters, concessions & vendors, free giveaways, and more! 


RFB Pro will officially be taking place at North Cobb High School’s Emory Sewell Stadium in Kennesaw, Georgia. This will be the first season in league history that RFB Pro will feature turf for every single game (including preseason).


  • 1 preseason game
  • 6 regular season games per team
  • 3-round playoffs (top 6 seed)
  • 1 all-star game


For the first time in RFB Pro history, all games this season will be lead by a professional officiating crew.

Draft Night

The official draft of the upcoming Reflex Football Pro X season. 8 teams, 7 rounds, only 56 of the best amateur football players in the Metro-Atlanta area will be drafted to play RFB Pro, the premier reflex football experience. 

RFB Media

Pro X film/media will be produced by our new media partner, Upward Now. Upward Now is a media company located in Atlanta, GA, with years of experience in shooting sporting events, and creating sports content. This is the first official media partnership for Reflex Football, and we are excited to present our league experience at it’s highest and most professional quality yet. 

This season, also expect to see collaborations with local media talent including Uneccessary Bluntness, Upside Down A, The Leak SpeaksJordan Luke, & More.


Pro X Uniforms

Pro X will feature unique, custom fitted team jerseys and shorts, designed by Daniel Fondu (founder of RFB), and manufactured by our new apparel partner, The White Football.



Officials needed

RFB is currently recruiting brave and decisive individuals that can endure the challenge of officiating an RFB Pro game. If you are interested (you poor fool…), do not hesitate to contact us!

RFB MERCH: Pro x Collection

Gear up for the new season with the new and exclusive “Pro X” RFB Merch collection. T-shirts, long-sleeves, hoodies, sports bra, and more!

Sponsorship & Advertising

Do you have an awesome product, service, or brand that needs more attention and customers? Join the RFB Sponsor+ Club to take your marketing to the next level, while supporting the experience.